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About The Baker

Soul Food With Suga

Ever since Jeletha can remember, she was always interested in mixing ingredients to make something new. Growing up she realized they have a gift for cooking and hosting and decided to turn their passion into a thriving career.

It all started in a small kitchen in Philly! Things were simple then always add a little suga and little butta and always love! Lilla’s Bread is named after Jeletha Crawford Great Grandmother. Lilla Mae Crawford was the cook for over 6 generations and so many more. She taught Jeletha ANYTHING IS possible when you add suga! She was from the deep south and cooked everything with love but there was something about her cakes and bread that brought everyone together. Lilla’s clover rolls and sweet rolls were the first recipes she ever taught Jeletha. From there they experimented until her last day.

Lilla’s bread is a Soul Food with SUGA!! Stay Sweet together!

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